Ever wondered where everything goes when you flush your toilet? MSD knows...

Mar 23, 2022

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- You flush it, but where does it go?

One of the final destinations of your toilet water might be the Metropolitan Sewer District's Floyds Fork Water Quality Treatment Center at The Parklands.

"It is our newest an our smallest water quality treatment center," said Sheryl Lauder, the communications director for Louisville MSD. "We have 3,300 miles of sewer pipe that bring wastewater to one of our treatment centers. So that's a lot of pipe to keep up with."


Unfortunately, water isn't the only thing that flows through those pipes. There's much more. Like toys. On Tuesday, some of the toys found included a small car, an Incredible Hulk figure and Marshall, the firefighter from The Paw Patrol. 

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