DeKalb approves hike in water and sewer rates

Mar 23, 2022

Come Aug. 1, DeKalb County residents’ water and sewer bills will be a little higher.

The county commission voted Tuesday to approve the 6% rate hike, which officials say is necessary to help cover the cost of more than $2 billion in improvements to DeKalb’s historically neglected water and sewer infrastructure.


The increase — which will manifest itself as an additional $6 to $8 on the average bill — is believed to be the first imposed by the county in at least seven years.

“There’s been a lot of due diligence done to get us to this point,” said Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson, chair of the board’s public works and infrastructure committee. “And I’m very proud to say that we’ve done everything we can, internally, to ensure the proper and smooth operation of our watershed department.”

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