WRAP Action Item is a Wrap! White Paper Highlighting NPDES Permitting Strategies for Water Reuse is Finalized

Mar 16, 2022

At last week’s WateReuse Symposium in San Antonio, NACWA, the WateReuse Association, EPA, and the Association of Clean Water Administrators (ACWA) were pleased to announce the completion of Water Reuse Action Plan (WRAP) Action Item 2.2.6, Navigating the NPDES Permitting Process for Water Reuse Projects.

The white paper was a collective effort by clean water utilities, associations, state regulatory authorities, and EPA to promote collaboration between permit writers and communities interested in furthering water reuse initiatives. Its goal is to help all parties navigate the complex regulatory frameworks involved in water reuse projects.

The white paper is a first step to help both permit writers and future NPDES permittees look comprehensively at permit strategies that will better enable reuse opportunities. It includes examples of common challenges and offers sound strategies for municipal and industrial treatment facilities, stormwater management facilities and water reuse facilities to navigate these potential obstacles. The white paper takes a deep dive into how permitting water reuse discharges in these circumstances can be flexibly done to meet water quality objectives and simultaneously further water reuse goals.

NACWA would like to extend its gratitude to the WRAP partners and all the utilities and stakeholders for their hard work and effort to refine this white paper and make it a valuable resource to those seeking to implement water reuse initiatives.

NACWA would also like to thank its corporate affiliate, Brown and Caldwell, for its hard work researching, interviewing and developing three case studies that help exemplify how flexible NPDES permitting can be achieved for various site-specific water reuse needs.

Members with questions about the document can contact Emily Remmel, NACWA’s Director of Regulatory Affairs.

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