Sewer, water expansions top Washington's revised ARPA project list

Feb 14, 2022

With plans to build a city-owned recreational vehicle campground officially shelved, city leaders are now turning their attention to expanding the city’s sanitary sewer and water system in hopes of ushering new residential, commercial and industrial growth in Washington. 

As outlined by Washington City Administrator Darren Lamb at Monday’s city council meeting, the city is now planning on spending more than $1 million of the near $2.6 million it receives from the American Rescue Plan Act on infrastructure improvements throughout Washington. The change in focus comes in the wake of an announcement from the federal government that changed restrictions on how the COVID-19 relief funds can be spent by city and county governments. 


“Before, when we were limited to certain categories (of spending), we looked at those categories and talked about the needs we have in those areas,” Lamb said. The expenditures previously had to fit in the following categories: public health response, negative economic impacts, public sector revenue loss, premium pay for essential workers or infrastructure projects.

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