Fayetteville evaluating biosolids options after dryer malfunction

Jan 31, 2022

FAYETTEVILLE -- The city is hauling biosolids to the landfill until it can get an alternative method in place after its dryer exploded in December.

The dryer prepares the city's biosolids for use as fertilizer. The city expects to spend about $350,000 in additional landfill fees over the next four to five months until it gets a new dryer system installed. An agreement is in place with Griffin Residuals in Kentucky to install an alternative drying system.

The only cost associated with the alternative system would be a $30 to $50 fee per ton of materials processed, a little less than the cost to haul to the landfill. The new system would be installed in the same place as the old one, at the city's biosolids management site.

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