NACWA Promotes Water Priorities as Congress Restarts Reconciliation Discussions

Jan 26, 2022

NACWA sent a letter to Congressional Leadership and key committees of jurisdiction Jan. 21. urging that clean water remain a key component of the Build Back Better (BBB) Act, also known as the reconciliation package, as negotiations resume.

The letter highlights two key clean water priorities in particular in the BBB, one focused on funding and expanding a permanent low-income water assistance program at EPA and the other around additional funding for EPA’s Overflow and Stormwater Reuse grants program. 

Negotiations on BBB have remained in limbo since stalling in the Senate prior to the end of last year; however, talks are beginning on ways to craft a new BBB legislative package with a climate focus and further developments are expected over the coming weeks. 

While the path forward still remains unclear, NACWA will continue advocating to Congress the importance of including funding for these key clean water programs, ensuring communities have the tools to build resilient infrastructure to mitigate against the growing impacts of climate change and help households more affordably access essential clean water and drinking water services.

NACWA encourages members to share this letter with their respective Senators and Representatives, as well as advocate around the impact funding under the BBB can have on your local utility and community.

Please contact Kristina Surfus or Jason Isakovic on NACWA's legislative team with any questions or to discuss further.

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