Wastewater testing shows omicron increasing in rural areas of Missouri

Jan 25, 2022


New wastewater data shows omicron has peaked in Kansas City and other large metros in Missouri. But rural areas are seeing big increases.

Places such as Chillicothe are seeing double the viral load they had a month ago.


It takes several days before infected people show symptoms, but wastewater testing provides early awareness of the trend ahead.

Missouri had its highest number of COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began, but new wastewater testing data shows in cities, cases are trending down.

"Missouri is right at the crest. The question is how fast it's going to go down," said Marc Johnson, a researcher with the University of Missouri.

The descent could be slow. The viral load at Kansas City's Blue River is only starting to drop. In rural areas across the state, places like Cameron, the numbers are still skyrocketing.

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