Wastewater samples suggest omicron surge is peaking: UC Berkeley lab

Jan 20, 2022

BERKELEY, Calif. - A team of researchers at the University of California at Berkeley's Nelson Lab say new data indicates we might be hitting the peak of the omicron surge, based on analysis of the coronavirus SARS-CoV2 levels found in Bay Area wastewater samples.

"Right now, we are either just cresting the omicron peak or in some cases continuing to go up is sort of what it looks like. As has been seen with case data, this peak was a lot higher than delta peak and the previous peaks before that," said assistant research engineer Rose Kantor. 


On Tuesday, she said the levels of the virus in certain parts of the Bay Area seem to be cresting.

"San Francisco, as well as some of the other areas of Contra Costa County and Marin County," she said. "But we think in Alameda and Richmond we might be still seeing an increase." 

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