Wastewater testing finds record-high levels of COVID-19 in region, omicron dominant

Jan 11, 2022

The latest wastewater tests in Orange County and Altamonte Springs sewer service areas show record-high concentrations of COVID-19 viral fragments in Central Florida, foreboding evidence the region’s post-holiday surge of infections fueled by coronavirus’ omicron variant has not yet peaked.

“Omicron continues to be an incredibly contagious strain of the virus,” said Ed Torres, director of Orange County Utilities.

In Altamonte Springs, the test results showed the concentration level had doubled in three days.

City manager Franklin Martz said the figure suggests about 70% of the service area’s 78,000 population was infected Thursday when testing was done. The Altamonte sewer service area includes the city and parts of Longwood, unincorporated Seminole County, Maitland, Eatonville and Winter Park.

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