"Doppler radar of viruses": Altamonte Springs to test sewage for omicron

Dec 3, 2021

Altamonte Springs city manager says sewage samples could show if omicron is present in Central Florida as early as next week.

"Sounds very creepy," Peter Pelletier, a Winter Springs man, laughed when the WESH 2 News crew asked him what he thought about it.


"Don't like the concept but if it works we'd be for it!" Pelletier said.

City of Altamonte Springs City Manager Frank Martz is all for it too — all for testing the city's sewage for the presence of the coronavirus.

Martz said Altamonte Springs tested for the virus since April 2020.

"It's like the doppler radar of viruses. We can see the storm coming before the storm gets here, and it allows us to prepare," Martz said.

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