Boston-area coronavirus wastewater tracker is spiking ahead of Thanksgiving: ‘It’s quite worrisome’

Nov 18, 2021

The Boston-area COVID wastewater tracker is again surging as case counts spike across the region ahead of Thanksgiving, a “worrisome” sign of what’s to come, an infectious diseases expert tells the Herald.

Two recent virus samples from south of Boston show high COVID wastewater levels that haven’t been seen since January — when coronavirus case tallies were peaking and the majority of people were not vaccinated.

The latest data from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’s study to track wastewater for COVID reveals that both the southern and northern daily averages are now mirroring late January levels. The COVID wastewater levels indicate future virus cases in the community.

“It’s quite worrisome,” said Davidson Hamer, a Boston University specialist in infectious diseases. “That’s a premonition of what’s to come, and it’s worrisome with this happening right before Thanksgiving and family gatherings.”

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