Brevard County pushes annual rate increases for water, sewer customers for next five years

Nov 16, 2021

Brevard County's Utility Services Department is proposing that water and sewer rates for its customers increase during each of the next five years.

County commissioners must approve the proposals. Last week, commissioners unanimously authorized advertising public hearings related to the increases, putting the rate-setting process in motion. If commissioners approve the plan, the increases would take effect in early 2022.

Under the proposal, water and sewer rates would increase for Brevard utilities customers on Merritt Island, along the South Beaches, and in North Brevard, Port St. John and the south-central mainland by the following amounts:

  • 2022: 6.5%
  • 2023: 8.5%
  • 2024: 8.5%
  • 2025: 8.5%
  • 2026: 7.5%
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