Supply chain issues trickle down to water treatment

Oct 25, 2021

Some New Hampshire communities are experiencing longer wait times and higher prices for chemicals and equipment to ensure safe drinking water and treat wastewater, as supply chain disruptions create challenges across the nation.

Jason Randall, superintendent of water and wastewater at the Plymouth Village Water and Sewer District, said he has seen delays or higher prices for a variety of equipment — from a computer chip for an emergency generator to nitrile gloves. The gloves are needed to protect people working with wastewater from chemicals and sewage. But they’ve gone from about $5 to about $35 per box, he said.

The delays and cost make adequate budgeting more difficult, Randall said.

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services has heard about concerns in various communities, though the issue is more pressing in other parts of the country, said Brandon Kernen, administrator of drinking water and groundwater with DES.
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