COVID-19 virus in Minnesota wastewater is at an all-time high. Here's what that could mean

Oct 1, 2021

MINNEAPOLIS — Weeks into Minnesota's latest COVID-19 surge, troubling signs are emerging about the spread of the delta variant in schools and in community wastewater.

Yes, wastewater.

"In terms of measuring the virus in wastewater, we're not seeing a downturn," said Dr. Tim Schacker, vice dean of research for the University of Minnesota Medical School. "It has not come down at all. In fact, it's at the highest level we've ever seen it."


Six weeks ago, Schacker, spoke to KARE 11 about the statewide network of wastewater plants, which were helping track surges in the virus more than a week before it was reflected in traditional testing.

"We're sampling 65% of the population of the state twice a week with this technique," Schacker said in August. "So it really, truly, has the potential to be an early warning system."

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