No money for Montgomery sewer improvement

Sep 23, 2021

Montgomery town officials are regrouping after learning they will not be getting a much-needed grant to upgrade their sewer system.

“They passed out grants to a lot of communities but we weren’t one of them,” said Montgomery Town Board member Mike Healy. “It was very disappointing news. Now, I guess we will drop back and punt.”

Montgomery’s sewer system is undersized and needs work. It is operating under a consent agreement with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.


The town was seeking a $5 million grant through a new program called the State Water Infrastructure Program. The program had been put together by the state as part of its COVID relief funding money.

State officials say the program attracted 500 applications around the state totaling $700 million.

Montgomery’s application wound up falling short in a couple of areas. The waste water grants were limited to those communities with monthly residential sewer bills at $100. They were also directed toward low-income communities.

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