Flooding after Ida brings new focus on Philadelphia's aging infrastructure

Sep 13, 2021

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The images of a flooded Venice Canal-esque Vine Street Expressway in Philadelphia won't soon be forgotten.

The deluge brought on by the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida, combined with aging infrastructure and equipment, created the perfect environment for the destruction.

To that end, environmental experts agree that with climate change, events like these could easily become the norm.

"This is absolutely a wake-up call. Unfortunately, what we've seen over the last few months all over the country - all over the world - are these type of events in lots of different contexts," said Drexel University Professor in the Department of Civil Architectural and Environmental Engineering Franco Montalto.

Montalto said the solution is not necessarily just found in tearing up the old, so to speak, and building new infrastructure.
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