WSSC resuming water shutoffs, over $60M in past due accts, 7News has options to pay bills

Sep 7, 2021

WASHINGTON (7News) — WSSC water says it hates to do it but it has a public health duty to provide clean water to customers. Starting Monday, September 13, for the first time since the pandemic started, they will begin disconnecting and turning off the water.

The water company currently has more than $60 million in past due accounts. About 90,000 accounts are past due, late right now, which adds up to about $30 million dollars more than amounts to do pre-pandemic.

7News is On Your Side to help avoid a water service turn-off at your home. WSSC water has enhanced its financial assistance program during what continues to be a difficult time for many.

Customers who are struggling should call and set up and complete a payment plan, the water company will waive all late fees. There are also other assistance programs you may not even be aware of, perhaps you qualify for the Customer Assistance Program which could make you eligible to have fees waived.

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