EPA Offering Cybersecurity Virtual Workshops

Aug 25, 2021

EPA is sponsoring a series of free virtual workshops on water sector cybersecurity. These offerings are timely given that recent cyber-attacks on water and wastewater systems have manipulated treatment processes, disabled process control and business enterprise systems, and stolen proprietary data.

Cybersecurity best practices and incident response planning can prevent or mitigate many of these attacks and are essential to the sound operation and management of water and wastewater systems.

These workshops consist of two half-day sessions.

The first day will include:

  • Current information on cyber threats and risk drivers
  • Resources to bolster cybersecurity
  • Key findings from cyber vulnerability assessments of water and wastewater systems

The second day will include:

  • Incident response exercises for cyber-attacks on water and wastewater systems
  • Identifying planning and procedural actions that enhance cybersecurity and mitigate risk in water and wastewater systems.

Workshop participation is open to water and wastewater systems, government officials, and others involved in water sector cybersecurity. Registration is available here.

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