San Diego launching Pure Water, largest infrastructure project in city’s history

Aug 23, 2021

San Diego officially launched the largest infrastructure project in urban history on Friday. This is a sewage recycling system that promotes water independence in the region in the face of more severe droughts caused by climate change.


A multi-billion dollar project called “Pure Water” is a long-running, proactive public education campaign to combat troublesome proceedings, complex labor transactions, and the derogatory early nickname “Tap from Toilet.” The culmination of the process.

Construction workers have been working on some of the preliminary elements of Pure Water for several years, but this fall marks the start of construction of the three most important projects in the system.

They are the $ 356 million sewage purification plant in western Miramar, the $ 123 million pipeline that runs through most of Claremont that carries sewage to that plant, and the $ 110 million that makes it possible. Molina Boulevard Pumping Station.


The pipeline, in which some Claremont residents fought in protests and proceedings, will intermittently destroy parts of the community until 2024. However, city officials have created a special “working group” to keep residents up to date.

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