"No red flags": Current Bozeman wastewater COVID sample results

Aug 11, 2021

BOZEMAN — Wastewater testing may lead to sporadic results, but no cause for alarm. The Gallatin Health Department has partnered with several different laboratories, including Archer Biologicals, to regularly test if there is a positive sample in the area.

“Locally, our wastewater data is not raising any red flags. There are a few locations that have seen a little bit of an increase and some that we have seen a little bit of a decrease. Right now, it’s all about matching our cases,” Lori Christenson said.


Christenson is the Health Officer for the Gallatin City-County Health Department and goes on to explain that wastewater data can be used as an indicator. For instance, if there is a community with no current COVID cases, but positive samples begin to appear in the wastewater this could mean that cases are likely to appear.

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