Infrastructure Bill May Help Address Flooding in Michigan, But Only If There’s a Plan, Dingell Says

Aug 10, 2021

his summer has brought some of the worst flooding in the state’s history, especially in Southeast Michigan.

Members of Congress say they are hearing lots of questions from constituents about what the infrastructure package might mean for our flooding problem.

“And people say to me, when the bill passes, will this take care of the problem? Well, it’s not going to take care of the problem if we don’t have a plan,” Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-Dearborn) recently told WDET’s Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today.

Dingell lives in and represents Dearborn, which has been ground zero for flooding in Michigan this summer. She says Michigan communities are going to be competing for this infrastructure money with communities across the country.

She notes that getting that money isn’t just about how bad the problem is where you are. It’s also about being able to answer lots of questions about what your plans are for the money and how it will be spent, which is why Dingell says we’ve got to come up with a regional plan — and one that answers all of those questions.

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