Flushable wipes, heavy rain creating problems on the Eastern Shore

Aug 2, 2021

DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) – Heavy rain and wipes that are labeled as flushable are creating two different kinds of problems for crews on the Eastern Shore this week.

“They say flushable in the stores and they may flush down your toilet, but they do not break down in our system. They’re clogging up pipes, clogging up our different collection systems,” said Samantha Coppels with Daphne Utilities.

Daphne Utilities is having a busy time this week, correcting issues across several of their 78 lift stations. Wipes being flushed down toilets are requiring a lot of manpower to remove and they can also damage the equipment.

“We need our system to be operable 24/7, heavy rainfall with or without the storms and wipes and grease cause an issue with that,” she added.

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