EPA's recognition of improved water quality marks another important milestone for the Cuyahoga River

Jul 23, 2021

CLEVELAND — The comeback story five decades in the making for the Cuyahoga River took an important step forward this week as the EPA officially de-listed another one of the river’s beneficial use impairments concerning the negative impact of stormwater runoff. The delisting of the eutrophication impairment — or unwanted algae growth — is yet another sign the water quality of the Crooked River has improved dramatically.

After the famous — or infamous — fires on the Cuyahoga River and the passage of the Clean Water Act, the EPA designated the lower 47 miles of the river as an area of concern, meaning the area had suffered environmental degradation and damage. The area of concern designation led to the creation of the Cuyahoga River Area of Concern Advisory Committee, a consortium of different public and private entities that provide feedback on plans and guidelines in the ongoing efforts to turn the river around.The committee had a brief moment of celebration on Thursday afternoon to acknowledge and removal of the eutrophication impairment.

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