Senate Continues Work on Infrastructure Package, Utility Action Still Needed

Jul 22, 2021

Senators this week are continuing to work out the final details of, and ways to pay for, the bipartisan infrastructure package they hope to bring to the full chamber for a vote before the August recess.

On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) attempted to put pressure on Senators to speed up final work on an infrastructure bill by scheduling a procedural vote to begin debate on the measure despite opposition by Republicans and some Democrats who are still negotiating the last details of the bill. Ultimately, the procedural vote failed and another vote is expected in the coming days as bipartisan talks continue.

According to key members of the bipartisan group negotiating the bill, the current timeframe for final negotiations and to produce actual legislative text is early next week, however that timeframe may change.

NACWA has continued to have productive conversations this week with Senate offices and committee staff who are working on the clean water provisions of the package, urging that the highest level of funding for clean water infrastructure be provided in the form of direct investments, particularly grants.

NACWA continues to ask all Association members to weigh in with their Senators and Representatives on the infrastructure bill and advocate the importance of including the highest level of water funding possible, especially in the form of direct grants. NACWA has created a template letter for members to use when reaching out to their Members of Congress. 

Please contact NACWA’s Managing Director of Government Affairs, Kristina Surfus or Legislative Director, Jason Isakovic, with any questions or to discuss further.

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