Monitoring detects elevated levels of COVID-19 in wastewater in Beaufort

Jun 23, 2021

BEAUFORT, N.C. (WITN) -In the past two weeks, testing through the North Carolina Wastewater Monitoring Network has found increasing levels of the virus that causes COVID19, in wastewater from the Town of Beaufort.

The wastewater treatment plant has been a COVID-19 monitoring facility since January 2021.

“As a proactive step in protecting our community, the Town agreed to participate in the statewide program,” said Beaufort Mayor Rett Newton. “We are one of 10 communities in North Carolina participating in this early warning detection program.”

The state website that keeps track of this data does not show an increase in any of the other ten communities.

The number of new COVID-19 cases reported in the Beaufort area has not increased recently, but fewer people are seeking testing statewide. The data is reflective of the population serviced by the Town of Beaufort’s sewer system.

Viral particles can be detected in wastewater before increases in case counts or hospitalizations.

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