Flushing wipes down toilet during pandemic continues to clog El Paso Water pipes a year later

May 24, 2021

EL PASO, Texas -- El Paso Water is yet again urging residents to not flush wipes that say 'flushable' on the packaging, saying they are creating massive clogs in the city's wastewater system.

It's been an ongoing problem during the pandemic, with people using their toilets as trashcans. El Paso Water one year ago this month had begged residents to stop flushing wipes, masks and gloves down the toilet and causing pipe clogs. The Lower Valley Water District has also reported similar sewer blockages.

An El Paso Water spokesperson says the continued clogs at lift stations prevent wastewater from flowing to the water treatment facility - and it takes a lot of manpower to clear the lines, the cost of which will ultimately be borne by rate payers.

El Paso Water also warns that flushing wipes can cause also problems in your home which can be costly to fix.

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