May 19, 2021
ACTION PLEASE BY:    May 21, 2021
NACWA’s Nominating Committee (Directors) is soliciting candidates for election to the NACWA Board of Directors. NACWA’s Board is comprised of 33 Directors representing Association Member Agencies, with a mix of regional seats (from each of the 10 US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regions) and At-Large seats (individuals elected/appointed to At-Large seats may be from any state or EPA region). Board Members are elected/appointed to three-year terms, with service not to exceed a total of nine years.
The election of NACWA Board Members takes place each year during the July Annual Association Business Meeting. This year, a total of 7 Board seats are open for election, with one vacant At-Large seat and six incumbents running for re-election to regional seats.
Candidates are being solicited by NACWA’s Nominating Committee (Directors) via this Member Update:
At-Large (1 Seat):    
Region 1 (1 Seat):    
Current Board Member Running for Re-Election:
Oluwole (OJ) McFoy
General Manager
Buffalo Sewer Authority

Region 4 (1 Seat):  
Current Board Member Running for Re-Election:
David Denard
Director, Environmental Services
Jefferson County Commission

Region 7 (1 Seat):  
Current Board Member Running for Re-Election:
Brian Hoelscher Executive Director and Chief
Executive Officer
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District
Region 8 (2 Seats):    
Current Board Members Running for Re-Election:
Laura Briefer
Director of Public Utilities
Salt Lake City Corporation
Mickey Conway
District Manager
Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
Region 10 (1 Seat):    
Current Board Member Running for Re-Election:
Mami Hara
General Manager and Chief Executive Officer
Seattle Public Utilities


It is NACWA’s objective that the Association’s leadership reflect diversity in both individual Board Members and the utilities they represent. Board Member diversity is inclusive of but not limited to age, gender, race and ethnicity. Utilities represented should reflect both geographic diversity, characterized by areas with differing climates and water challenges, and diversity among states within US EPA regions. Diversity in utility size (i.e., small, medium or large utility based on its service area population) is also included in this objective.

Per NACWA’s Policies, only Primary Contacts (Executive Directors, General Managers, Chief Executive Officers, or lead executives) of Member Agencies in good standing are eligible for election or appointment to the Board of Directors. 

Nomination Process

To be considered for new service on NACWA’s Board of Directors, please provide the following by May 21, 2021:

  1. A completed Board Member Application/Information Form,
  2. A statement of your qualifications and a personal confirmation of your willingness to serve, and
  3. Written letters of support from two, but no more four designated Member Agency representatives from your region (if necessary, e-mails expressing support are acceptable). A membership directory, with contact information for Member Agency representatives, is available on NACWA’s website.

If there is more than one candidate for a given Board seat, the Nominating Committee will review the applications based on the noted qualifications and select the single best candidate to be put before the membership for election.

The Nominating Committee will report its slate of nominees to the entire membership in advance of the election during the Association’s Annual Business Meeting, which will be held via webinar on Wednesday, July 21, at 2pm Eastern.  

Factors for Consideration/Qualifications

The factors and qualifications to be considered when submitting your name, or that of another Member Agency representative, as a candidate for the NACWA Board of Directors include, but are not limited to, the following:

The candidate’s ability to commit to active participation on the Board of Directors and Board committees, and capability of fulfilling the duties of a member of the Board of Directors (NACWA’s Board meets four times a year. Please see the responsibilities and expectations of Board Members which follows);

  • Whether the candidate’s Member Agency is active in Association initiatives;
  • The capacity of the candidate’s Member Agency to bolster the Association’s success with its advocacy agenda;
  • Whether the candidate represents geographical diversity within the region; and
  • What elements of diversity, as described above, the candidate may contribute to the Board.

Election to NACWA’s Board of Directors carries with it a set of responsibilities and expectations. Broadly they include to act as a voting member of the Board with full authority and responsibility to develop policies and procedures for the operation of NACWA; to monitor the Association’s financial health, programs, and overall performance; and to provide the Chief Executive Officer with the resources necessary to achieve NACWA’s mission and strategic objectives.

Specifically, service on NACWA’s Board of Directors includes responsibilities as part of the full Board, as well as individual Board Member expectations as follows:

Full Board’s Responsibilities:

  • Establish policy.
  • Maintain financial accountability of the Association.
  • Monitor Association finances.
  • Create and update a long-range Strategic Plan and Financial Plan for the Association.
  • Elect and support the Association’s officers.
  • Adopt key operating policies & procedures.

Individual Board Member Expectations:

  • Attend and actively participate in Board Meetings, committees, and task forces.
  • Observe your fiduciary duties to the Association.
  • Come to Board meetings well-prepared and well-informed about issues on the agenda.
  • Contribute to the dialogue during Board meetings.
  • Consider other points of view, make constructive suggestions and help the Board make decisions that benefit the Association.
  • Fill Board leadership roles as needed.
  • Represent the Association to individuals, the public, and other organizations at speaking engagements and personal interactions.
  • Actively engage in strategic advocacy initiatives on behalf of NACWA.
  • Ensure the engagement of, and represent, the NACWA Member Agencies in your region.
  • Help ensure the retention of existing members and assist in identifying potential Member Agencies and Affiliates and encouraging them to join the Association. 

All nominations should be forwarded to both Leisa Thompson, Chair of the Nominating Committee (Directors), and Chris Hornback, NACWA’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer, no later than Friday, May 21, 2021.

Leisa Thompson
General Manager
Metropolitan Council Environmental Services

Chris Hornback
Deputy, CEO

A current list of the members of NACWA’s Board of Directors is available here.

Please contact Chris Hornback at chornback@nacwa.org or 703-798-5714 should you have any questions. 

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