Wastewater treatments plants test for COVID and zebra mussels

May 17, 2021

GREEN RIVER — Wastewater treatment plants across Wyoming have been battling COVID-19 with testing. Now they can add the battle against invasive zebra mussels.

Several wastewater treatment plants have been asked if testing for zebra mussels from their COVID-19 lab tests could be done, according to a press release.

Since the beginning of the pandemic a year ago, test results from wastewater treatment plants have been helpful in testing for the prevalence of COVID-19 from human waste. The daily tests are then sent to the state of Wyoming.


The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has been battling the zebra mussel issue for several years with boat inspections at border entry sites. The zebra mussel can do great damage to rivers, streams, and reservoirs, and can even plug up discharge pipes from wastewater treatment plants, according to the release.

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