Seattle council approves plan to raise water, sewage, waste and drainage rates more than 20% by 2026

May 11, 2021

Seattle residents and businesses can expect their utility rates to climb over the next several years.

The City Council approved a plan Monday to raise the city’s combined water, sewage, solid waste and drainage rates for residents more than 20% by 2026 and nearly that much for businesses. The vote on the resolution was 8-0, with Councilmember Lisa Herbold absent.

The plan projects the monthly costs for a typical house and typical apartment will reach $275 and $155, up from $223 and $127 this year, respectively. It projects the monthly cost for a small store will rise about $200, to $1,319.

Seattle Public Utilities says the hikes are needed to cover a range of mounting expenses, including: regular inflation; labor, health care and construction costs expected to increase more rapidly than regular inflation; major capital projects tied to environmental mandates; maintenance work on aging pipes; and utility taxes.

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