Cleveland entering partnership to test wastewater samples, determine in which areas COVID-19 is spreading

May 11, 2021

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — City health officials said that as of Monday, almost 58,000 residents were fully vaccinated, reflecting roughly 40 percent of the community.

As a way to ramp up vaccination efforts in areas where residents might not be getting vaccinated, the city is partnering with Case Western University and the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District to find out where to focus on through wastewater testing.

According to the city’s Chief of Prevention, Intervention and Opportunity for Youth and Young Adults, Tracy Martin-Thompson, there are a number of new COVID-19 cases, and positive cases and hospitalizations remain highest in parts of the city that are heavily populated by African American residents.

She said that likely means those in those pockets of the community aren’t getting tested until they are symptomatic or hospitalized.

Martin-Thompson said Case will collect wastewater from those areas of the city where increasing transmissions are suspected.

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