EPA Environmental Finance Advisory Board Convenes Virtually, Provides Key Updates

Apr 22, 2021

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Finance Advisory Board (EFAB) convened virtually April 20 and April 21 to discuss progress from several internal workgroups and to review existing charges as well as a new charge that will explore financing pollution prevention efforts for small manufacturers.

In addition, EPA’s Office of Policy discussed important policies anticipated under the Biden Administration including working with the Security and Exchange Commission on mandatory carbon disclosures and a comprehensive approach to looking at greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation and the social costs to carbon emissions.

Throughout the two-day discussion, EFAB members raised many of the core issues central to NACWA members’ advocacy efforts including water system regionalization, affordability and regulatory flexibility, workforce needs, technology and cybersecurity, and understanding risks.

In addition, EFAB had a productive dialogue on opportunity zones and a stormwater trading credit program that would help fiscally incentivize redevelopers to get involved within their communities that bear the true costs of capital improvement and tangible impacts of CSOs and flooding.

NACWA extends its appreciation to the utility leaders and affiliate members that serve on EFAB and the expertise they continually provide the EFAB and EPA on financing effective and practical environmental solutions. NACWA members can access the many EFAB topics discussed on EPA’s website. 

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