Hey, Macomb and Oakland counties: stop flushing your personal poop wipes

Apr 6, 2021

Not to be shitty, but wiping your ass with disposable wipes is likely causing 90% of municipal sewer backups in Macomb and Oakland County — but the counties' stern message applies to anyone flushing the non-flushable.

That's right, you tenacious toilet cloggers, you. Candice Miller, who is Macomb County's Public Works Commissioner, wants y'all to be aware of this costly problem that could be easily avoided if not for your desire to treat your precious bits to the cool and cleansing sensation that is a disposable wet wipe, Michigan Radio reports.

Miller estimates that these wipes could be accounting for 90% of sewer problems. Not to be totally disgusting, but Miller says the wipes, once flushed, get tangled together and become rope-like, which, in turn, choke sanitary sewer pumps by wrapping around the underground machinery, which then causes sloppy and stinkin' backups.
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