Prop Y will determine how MSD pays for a massive system upgrade

Apr 2, 2021

ST. LOUIS — Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) customers will see "Prop Y" on the ballot next Tuesday.

The proposition is asking voters how the sewer district should pay for work that a court order says must be done.

MSD took 5 On Your Side underground to see its progress on 60 miles of new wastewater sewers – some big enough to drive a train through.


One reason for this upgrade to the MSD system is to stop flooding that often occurs from heavy rain and "combined sewer overflows."

The agency said one new tunnel roughly 30-feet in diameter and 200-feet underground that runs from the Galleria Mall to Interstate 44 and Shrewsberry will keep close to 20 creeks in St. Louis from flooding homes. And there are plans for seven similar tunnels.

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