Increased use of disposable wipes in Oakland & Macomb counties can lead to sewer damage, officials say

Apr 2, 2021

(WXYZ) — The use of disposable wipes appears to be increasing during the pandemic, the Macomb County Public Works Commission says.

Officials say disposable wipes lead to costly damage to sewer pipes and pump stations serving both Macomb and Oakland counties.


MCPW Commissioner Candice S. Miller and Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash says wipes should never be flushed, even if labeling on packages indicate they are flushable.

“In early 2018, approximately 70 tons of debris that had accumulated over a period of three years was removed from the Northeast Sewage Pumping Station in Detroit. Three years later, a crew that recently completed a cleaning removed approximately 270 tons of debris,” Miller said. “That’s a huge – and troubling -- increase.

“It’s unfortunate that people continue to flush these wipes. It is causing more problems and more expense for every sewer system,” Miller said. “Throw them in the garbage after use. Do not flush them down the toilet.”

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