Spartanburg water working to keep sewage moving

Mar 25, 2021

At the Spartanburg sewage processing plant, everything that comes from your home or business ends up at their processing plant.

That is where they clean it out and all the water goes through a process and ends up in lakes and streams.

You may not give the sewer system much thought, but it plays an important role in sanitation and preventing disease.

“We have about 80 different pump stations throughout our system. Once we see a couple of pump stations in place and we see that growth in that area, we’ll come back with large enough line.” Spartanburg Water, Gene Jackson said.

Things that you rinse and flush down your pipes at home and at your business will eventually end up in a place like this.

Spartanburg Water controls most of the sewer districts. Once the waste comes in, it’s flushed to big tubes like this to start the separation and cleaning process.

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