Capital Region Water to resume service terminations on delinquent accounts

Mar 10, 2021

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Capital Region Water announced Tuesday it set to resume service terminations for delinquent accounts in April, and urged customers who are behind on their payments to utilize the company's Customer Assistance Program to help.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, terminations due to delinquency were suspended to lessen the burden on customers facing job losses or other hardship brought on by the economic slowdown, the company said. 


To address a growing rate of delinquency, Capital Region Water said it will be reinstating service terminations for past due accounts. 

“It is our goal to keep customers connected”, said Capital Region Water CEO Charlotte Katzenmoyer. “We have a Customer Assistance Program designed to prevent customers from falling behind on their accounts. There is no need to wait. Contact us to arrange a payment plan or apply for credit assistance.” 

Capital Region Water voluntarily complied with the state's Emergency Order suspending service terminations last year, even though it is not subject to the oversight of the PA Public Utility Commission, the company said. 

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