U.K. COVID variant found in 13 wastewater systems across Missouri

Feb 24, 2021

ST. LOUIS – The fast-spreading U.K. variant of the coronavirus has been found in wastewater samples taken from areas across Missouri according to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

But they did say, the U.K. variant was “not highly prevalent” in the wastewater samples. Dr. Randall Williams, the director of the state health department, said this discovery makes it clear that the variant is more widespread in Missouri and across the country than what has been detected by testing. 

So far, there has been only one confirmed case of the U.K. variant of the coronavirus in Missouri. That was found in Marion County in northeast Missouri on February 6. Health officials have said contact tracing has not associated that case with any other cases. However, state officials have found the variant in various locations throughout Missouri based on continued wastewater surveillance.

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