State Wipes Legislation Momentum Builds with Five Active Bills

Feb 24, 2021

(February 24, 2021) - Momentum is building for state legislation on wipes, with California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Minnesota recently introducing bills.

California introduced AB818, which would require clear “Do Not Flush” labeling for non-flushable wipes. California pursued similar legislation last year, and AB818 is expected to pass this year. Illinois’ SB294 and Massachusetts’ HD1625 mirror California’s labeling approach. Minnesota introduced HF914, which would require a flushability standard for wipes labeled “flushable” in addition to the “Do Not Flush” logo for non-flushable wipes.

These four states have joined Oregon with active wipes bills. Oregon’s bill, HB2344, also focuses on the labeling of non-flushable wipes.

NACWA has provided legislation resources on its Flush3P.org website, including model legislation and an accompanying white paper. Please contact Cynthia Finley, NACWA’s Director of Regulatory Affairs, if you would like more information on wipes legislation or if you are aware of legislative efforts in your state. 

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