Aging Sewer Lines Get Attention from Traverse City Leaders

Feb 23, 2021

Traverse City leaders will have to determine whether to repair, replace, or relocate portions of the city sewer line – particularly the line that runs along the Boardman River.

A stretch of the sewer line just north of the alley off of East Front Street, is just downstream of where the city saw overflows just last summer. Three times in three months – heavy rains and flooding triggered the release of untreated sewage: in June, July, and August. The wastewater spilled into the Boardman and flowed to Grand Traverse Bay… and the county health department cited high water levels and aging infrastructure as reasons for the spills.

Art Krueger is the Director of Traverse City Municipal Utilities.  “We’re watching it closely. (It’s) becoming more of a critical need in our infrastructure system the more we study and learn about it.”

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