NACWA Joins Public Finance Network Letters Supporting Municipal Bonds, Infrastructure Investment

Feb 4, 2021

(February 4, 2021) - NACWA joined fellow public sector organizations to sign onto two letters last week outlining the critical importance of tax-exempt municipal bonds and general infrastructure spending for the public sector and nation as a whole.

The first letter, in support of municipal bonds, was addressed to newly confirmed Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen. The second letter, addressed to the 117th Congress, outlines critical infrastructure priorities that would result in robust employment opportunities in addition to increased economic activity in American municipalities and rural areas alike.

Both letters help raise awareness of important municipal finance issues including preserving the Tax-Exemption on Qualified Municipal Securities, restoring the Tax-Exemption for Advance Refunding Bonds, and Providing Direct Fiscal Support to stage and local governments. 

Please contact Kristina Surfus, NACWA’s Managing Director of Government Affairs, with any questions.

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