Metro Louisville opens applications for up to $1,000 in residential utility bill relief

Jan 26, 2021

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Louisville Metro Council has designated $10 million to help Jefferson County residents cover delinquent utility bills.

In a virtual press conference Monday, Mayor Greg Fischer announced the funds for the COVID-19 Utility Relief Program are now available. The money, which is coming from the general fund, was approved by Metro Council late last year. It is left over federal CARES funding.

“Tens of thousands of Louisvillians remain unemployed or underemployed and are struggling to make ends meet, many for the first time,” Fischer said. “And some of the decisions are horrible. I’m talking about people who want to pay their bills but face impossible choices. Like 'Do I pay the electric bill? Do I buy food?'”

Customers can now apply for utility bill relief totaling up to $1,000, which is divided up by the utilities. A person can receive up to $500 to cover their outstanding Louisville Water Company and Metropolitan Sewer District bills. And a customer can apply for up to $500 to cover delinquent LG&E bills.

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