Customers concerned over Decatur Utilities bill increase

Jan 22, 2021

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - The Decatur City Council recently voted in favor of Decatur Utilities’ 10-year-plan to fix a sewage overflow issue the city has seen for decades.

Council President Jacob Ladner tells me this issue has been kicked down the road too long, and that the council made the right decision.

”I’m always going to vote and do what I think is right for the city and I think we did that in this case,” sand Lander.

Decatur Utilities’ plan coming in at $165 million includes an access rate increase for customers beginning in February. Customers will see a ten dollar increase this year, followed by a six dollar increase in year two, and a four dollar increase in year three.

Erik Estrada lives in Decatur, and is concerned these new increases will stay on his bill even after the fixes are made.

”There’s no clause on it to rescind the price height to bring it back down to what it was before because there’ll always be another excuse to be able to justify to keep the price high. So, once it goes up it’s not going to go down and I don’t think it’s fair.” said Estrada.

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