Loudoun County offers water and wastewater assistance applications VIRGINIA by: Christy Matino

Jan 4, 2021

LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — The Loudoun County Water and Wastewater Program is accepting applications for county assistance.

In 2011, the county produced the water and wastewater needs assessment, which evaluated the overall conditions in the county.

The assessment suggested that creating a systematic approach to solving existing potential wastewater issues. Now, the county is opening up the application process to those who need help correcting these issues.

“The water and wastewater program is designed to support Loudoun County communities experiencing issues with deficient or non-existent water and wastewater systems,” said Scott Fincham, Loudoun County Environmental Program Specialist. “Any community located in Loudoun County who is experiencing water and wastewater issues can apply, we would encourage it.”

Applications will be accepted from now until March 31st.

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