Sewer overflow tank will assist in continuing to clean up river water in Bangor

Dec 14, 2020

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - One of the biggest projects the city of Bangor has ever undertaken is happening on the waterfront.

The goal is to improve river water quality.

Wastewater flowing down Kenduskeag Stream and the Penobscot River heads straight for the wastewater treatment plant in Bangor.

When heavy rain and snow cause water overages, the plant can’t process all of the wastewater.

That discharged water flows back into the bodies of water causing pollution.

“Our goal is to continue to make that river cleaner than it’s ever been. It’s much cleaner than it’s been since the 70s at this point,” said Amanda Smith, Director of Water Quality for the City of Bangor.

The Davis Brook Combined Sewer Overflow Project will aim to fix those overflow problems.

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