Sewer rates could jump by 35% in Nashua

Dec 9, 2020

With more than $52 million in major capital expenditures related to the Nashua wastewater treatment facility, a proposal has been made to substantially increase Nashua’s sewer user fees.

Aldermen have been presented with a plan that would increase sewer fees by about 35% throughout the next two years.

“These increases are being driven by the operating and capital costs associated with compliance of our permits — permits, of course, that are related to the wastewater treatment facility,” said Lisa Fauteux, director of public works in Nashua.


Nashua’s current sewer fees include a flat rate of $31.94 as well as a fee per hundred cubic feet of $2.36 that results in an average household quarterly bill of $79.14, or an annual cost of about $316 a year.

Under the proposed increase, the average household quarterly bill will increase to about $95 during 2021 and then jump to about $109.22 in 2022, which would equate to an annual cost of about $436.88 in year two — a total increase of $120 per year.

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