Dover residents surprised by hikes in water, sewer bills

Nov 25, 2020

DOVER — Residents are seeing an increase in their quarterly water and sewer bills because of hikes in the city’s sewer and water rates, according to Community Services Director John Storer.

In addition, there was a delay in sending water and sewer bills out this quarter due to a meter reading equipment issue, Storer said.

The city has been replacing older water meters with a new remote radio read system, which in some cases delayed bills being mailed to customers, he said.

“We’re asking people to look very closely at their bills and see how many days there are in their billing cycle, because it’s right there on their bills,” Storer said.

Typically, there’s about 90 days in a billing cycle, but “because we’ve been changing out all the water meters in the city, it could be longer this quarter,” Storer said Monday.

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