Maryland Launches COVID-19 Sewer Sentinel Initiative

Nov 16, 2020

AS COVID-19 CASES REACH record highs throughout the country, some states are initiating new strategies to track and combat the virus. Maryland has expanded its COVID-19 Sewer Sentinel Initiative, the state's targeted wastewater sampling program, with $1 million in new funding, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced Thursday.

The initiative follows the state's pilot program, launched over the summer, where wastewater was collected at five locations throughout Maryland, according to CBS Baltimore. The pilot program saw success by aligning with clinical testing in most cases, even predicting outbreaks before they were recognized through testing.

"This partnership between state and local health departments will test wastewater in public housing settings and correctional facilities across the state," Hogan said in a press conference. "This science-based, field-tested program will help provide us more data to detect and respond to outbreaks, and to help us save more lives."

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