Today We Celebrate Imagine A Day Without Water

Oct 21, 2020

Today, NACWA is celebrating Imagine a Day Without Water. An awareness event designed to center and shine a spotlight on clean water and drinking water sector personnel and the services they provide, Imagine a Day Without Water (IADWW) efforts are driven by the Value of Water Campaign, of which NACWA is a proud member.

For this year’s event, NACWA will be spreading awareness to our members and through social media by highlighting key statistics that share the story of water infrastructure in America.

The focus on clean water has been particularly strong this year, as clean water services were critical to sanitization efforts and stopping the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Congress has focused on access to clean water and related funding issues like never before, the media has written countless stories highlighting its role in combatting the pandemic, and everyday citizens are finding an appreciation for clean water that may have been lost in previous years.

We encourage all members to participate in whatever way they can during this year’s IADWW. Whether that means creating custom social media content, as we know many members already have done, or simply making use of the resources provided by The Value of Water Campaign’s IADWW website, we hope you will join in spreading awareness.  

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