NACWA Weighs in with Presidential Campaigns on Clean Water Priorities

Sep 30, 2020

(September 30, 2020) – As the presidential election season swings into high gear, NACWA sent letters last week to the Trump campaign and the Biden campaign outlining key priorities the public clean water sector would like to see discussed on the campaign trail.

The letters outline a number of challenges currently facing clean water utilities, most notably the need for additional federal relief to address revenue shortfalls from COVID-19. NACWA notes the nearly $30 billion in lost revenue that utilities are estimated to be facing as a result of economic disruption from the pandemic and highlights how communities will be negatively impacted if there is not additional federal assistance to help address these revenue shortfalls. 

NACWA also outlines the need for further federal assistance for water infrastructure investment more broadly, explaining how the federal government can reestablish the traditional federal-local partnership for water infrastructure funding while helping to create needed new jobs. The letters also note the importance of continued focus on low-income water affordability concerns, including the potential value of a federal low-income water assistance program and the connection between affordability and environmental justice issues. 

Other issues addressed in the letters include better developing and diversifying the water workforce and advancing new technology and innovation in the water sector. 

NACWA has offered to serve as a resource to both campaigns on clean water issues and has had follow-up conversations with key campaign staff.  Members with any questions can contact Nathan Gardner-Andrews, NACWA’s General Counsel & Chief Advocacy Officer. 

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