Weekly sewer overflows caused by sanitation wipes in Coos Bay

Sep 9, 2020

COOS BAY, Ore. — A Coos Bay neighborhood has been having weekly sewer overflows caused by sanitation wipes.

According to the City of Coos Bay, they have twice had a large volume of rags clumped together, creating a blockage leading to the overflow.

The city engineer says it could be a combination of fats, oils, grease, and all the rags and wipes.

"Not to say we haven't had sanitary overflows and not to say we haven't had clogs but I've been here for 10 years and I haven't seen the volume of wipes that I've seen these past couple of weeks," Wirsing said. "Imagine a clump rag that would probably weigh about 50 pounds in an 18-inch pipe. It's a lot of material and it just doesn't flush threw."

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